Industry Partners

Merrell® Footwear

Merrell® Footwear has partnered with Solarcore® to develop the ISPO Award winning MTL Thermo Rogue 4 Boot. Recognized for its ability to maintain superior thermal properties under compression, this partnership represents the next generation of lightweight, cold-weather, performance footwear. “We’re thrilled that Merrell was able to make the most out of Solarcore® and recognize its capacity to revolutionize product insulation,” commented Michael Markesbery, Solarcore® CEO.

Arctic Shelter Program

Solarcore® is developing the next generation in arctic shelters. Solarcore is the key to improving the shelter’s thermal performance, reducing fuel heating costs, and reducing weight. Early prototypes have shown that Solarcore significantly improves thermal performance. “We stand ready to pair our vision of aerogel insulating materials with the needs for advancing thermal protection in harsh environments. It is an honor to be part of transforming the future of shelter systems,” said Jeff Nash, Solarcore® Chief Technology Officer.

Mayo Clinic

Solarcore® partnered with Blue Origin and The Mayo Clinic to insulate human cells on the journey to outer space. By using Solarcore to insulate the live cell cultures and batteries that actively heated the cells, Solarcore was able to increase the battery life by several hours. A >50% performance gain! “We’re only getting started,” Michael Markesbery, Solarcore® CEO said. “From aerospace, to cold-chain packaging [vaccines, drugs, etc.], to structural insulation and apparel, our applications are vast, and we’re honored to be moving the science forward in collaboration with our partners at Blue Origin.”

OROS Apparel

OROS Apparel has leveraged Sc_Foam by Solarcore® to develop ultra warm, zero-bulk outerwear. From sleek ski parkas to leggings designed to take on the elements, the integration of Solarcore into apparel will change the way you dress for the cold. Providing unparalleled thermal performance under compression and against the elements, OROS’ new take on outerwear differentiates it from your traditional cold weather brand.

“We got our hands OROS’ new tech and can attest it is extremely warm.” -Popular Science